HONU is an independent label based in Vilnius, Lithuania.
We create sustainable clothing that’s designed to stand the test of time, seasons, and trends therefore longevity ranks highest in the choice of materials and design.
Longevity of the garment, as well as of the Planet.


High-quality, natural fibres are and will always be at the heart of all HONU collections. By only working with natural fibres such as linen we ensure that the planet will absorb it easily and it won’t cause any unnecessary harm to the soil if it ends up there. Sustainability at HONU isn’t only about how we treat our planet but it is also about how we treat our people. Who we partner with all adhere to ethical wages and working conditions. Everyone in our supply chain – farmers, garment workers, and recyclers must be treated with respect, and make responsible choices when it comes to carbon emissions, water use, and chemical use.

We only source from the most ecologically friendly and highest-quality suppliers we can find. All of our fabrics are GOTS/OEKO-TEX® certified. Oeko-Tex textiles and fabrics are certified free of harmful chemicals and are safe for human use. Organic certification means that textile and fabric products are grown according to strict guidelines on the use of petroleum-based fertilisers, pesticides, and synthetic products.

In order to minimise shipments and airtime, we source all of our materials within Europe, primarily from Lithuania and Italy.


At HONU we will always produce in small batches.
In doing so we can minimise fashion waste by curbing overproduction, one of the industry's most polluting elements. As a result, we sell a large part of our collection by pre-ordering the pieces before production, which allows us to produce precisely what has been ordered and forecast which styles will be most popular. We, therefore, run little risk of overproduction.

We don’t chase trends. Instead of purchasing quickly accessible, unethically made items that lose their value in a single season and are quickly discarded, consider investing in garments that will last and grow with you over time. This is about making a conscious decision, not buying on impulse, but considering the process behind a piece of clothing.


We work with two small, independent family-run ateliers in Lithuania.
As of today, there are six women working with us. We believe they are inspired to be part of the shift toward sustainability in the industry as much as we are. We visit our production sites regularly to ensure quality and to constantly improve our existing designs. Each piece is handcrafted and diligently tailored to ensure the perfect fit.
From the design stage right through to the finished garment, everything is made with obsessive attention to detail.
Our network is now composed of a group of inspirational and forward-thinking producers that we have forged meaningful and long-lasting relationships with. At HONU we are all a team that is dedicated to creating garments that makes you feel good on the inside and out.


I firmly believe that a garment can empower one, without destroying the other. Whether it’s a human or the planet, no one should suffer in the process of creating something new. 

- G.